My Book is Published!

Here's the thing about creative projects: it's almost impossible to finish them.

When I'm painting, I'll have a painting sitting in my studio for months before I finally decide I need to stop, and even then I'll sometimes bring it back for touch-ups.

Writing is even worse, because there are so many moving parts, you just want to keep revising until everything is perfect. But here's a secret: IT WILL NEVER BE PERFECT.

Even if you get an agent and a million dollar deal with the dream publisher, you will still open the book up and immediately see a typo. Or think - well that sentence is terrible. It's human nature.

All this is to say that I've finally decided to put a ribbon on my first project - The Osprey.

It's not perfect, but I've spent so much time and energy on it that I need it to be done. It's fantastic for a first book, and I love it, flaws and all. I think it's a fun story and I loved the way I wrote it.

I'm face-deep in another project right now and I'm glad to be unburdened by the last one.

SO! Consider this my cover reveal and book launch all in one! I drew up a cover in Photoshop and self-pubbed through Check it out:

When Atalanta discovered she could move things with her mind, she did what any self-respecting girl with a hero complex would – start fighting crime. But crime is hard to come by in De Luna, Florida (population 1,982), where the only saving to be done is fishing pugs out of alligator-infested waters.

A crusading thief comes to town with a rob-from-the-rich mentality, and Atalanta, or the Osprey as the locals call her, gets the crime spree she always thought she wanted. But she doesn't count on the thief being just as interested in her as he is in looting the mansions on the waterfront.

Her boyfriend is getting jealous, her best friend is getting suspicious, and when Atalanta uncovers a drug trafficking ring operating out of the town's marina, she knows she's in way over her head.

She's left with no choice but to trust the somewhat charming, possibly stalking, definitely thieving newcomer who just might be behind it all.

Link to the paperback:

Here's the goodreads page:
If you read it - review it!

PS - I loved doing this cover, so if anyone is interested in getting me to do one for their book, I'd love to talk about it!


DMS said...

Congratulation! So excited for you! I completely agree about it being hard to finish a creative work- because there is always something that could be fixed. Glad you got your book out there and that you love it just the way it is.

Best of luck! It sounds like an interesting story. I have been trying to move stuff with my mind for years- but so far no luck. ;)

Emily Ever said...

Thanks! Haha yeah I'm still working on the moving-stuff-with-my-mind thing myself. One day!

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